The Indian retail industry attracts the best international brands

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You do not have to go overseas to buy your favorite brand since most of the international brands have opened an Indian store and there are many more. French Connection, Aldo, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ed hardy, Nautica and many other brands gained strong positions in the Indian retail market. You just have to name the brand and be available.

Five years ago, if you did not notice a foreign brand, an overseas friend or relative, either a foreign trip or an online shopping, or the Indian retail market revolution, makes international brands more and more familiar and public.

Foreign brands in India are not limited to retail, but cover a wide range of retail products such as shoes, cosmetics, clothing, electronics, food, entertainment and other products. These Indian retail brands discover cheap prices and uber loyalties, and reveal many ultra-luxurious products in the Indian market.

The Indian retail footwear retail attracted many international brands. Numerous brands like Aldo, Charles and Keith, Nine West, Bally have already won the loyalty of the people. The shoe of the fashion game was slow, but for the sports shoes, the top three brands have been available for a long time. Reebok India was the first one launched in India in 1995, followed by Nike and Adidas. Low-priced fashion shoes are mainly from Vietnam, China, Thailand and Malaysia. One of the oldest entries in the Indian fashion industry was Ninewest in 2002 with their first show. Another footwear brand in the Indian footwear market is Bally, formerly only in Mumbai, but will soon appear in other cities, including New Delhi. Aldo, one of the most sought after and most popular brands among people, started out in Mumbai in 2005. The most exciting part of these brands is that they carry not only footwear, but also accessories and other things.

Foreign apparel brands also indicated their entry in the Indian retail market . Brands such as Mango, Channel, Nautica, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Last year, Channel India introduced its brand in the country where various events and shows were organized for the promotion. Such an event was organized at the Imperial Hotel, where the models were transported from Paris. The show was a great success that had a great impact on the buyers.

Food and beverage industry in India is not far from attracting foreign investment and joint ventures. Food brands in India such as Costa Coffee, McDonald's, and many pizza companies are fond of young people and trendy people. McDonald's makes the most of the benefit because low-cost food products can serve the common man.

Luxury retail stores originally found in five-star hotels are not difficult to find today's. Wal-mart, Tesco, Debenhams, etc. Or enter the Indian retail market or plan to enter the Indian retail market, India certainly has great potential in the retail business's best position and welcomes international brands. Foreign brands with initial risks have so far gained profitable profits and companies are very positive and confident about the future of the country's retail site. Brands love India and the Indians, the brand's style expression.

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