The stylish story of the Lacoste T-shirt

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Lacoste shirts, in fact, originated from the original "cotton underwear", which was born directly at the end of the 19th century.

The "tennis white" T-shirt style was determined by a long sleeve buttoned front panel that is usually worn by narrow straps. Although these current standards have chosen a very restrictive shirt for athletes, tennis white has been considered very informal and "sporty" in their days.

But the French tennis champion René Lacoste thought he could improve the old button style. He had long felt that the long-sleeved tennis whites were uncomfortable and limited in the court. She started experimenting with a white short-sleeved shirt made of loosely knitted cotton, with a design that was softer with a flat collar and a long tail at the back.

Lacoste first wore the 1926 US Open Tennis Championships. Needless to say, the innovative style attracted more than a few viewers and commentaries – some are positive and some have been considered negative. He insisted on his plan, and in 1927 he grabbed the famous crocodile badge at the top left of his shirt. He replied to the American press, who gave him the nickname, "The Alligator".

Lacoste founded the "Logo de Chemise Lacoste" in the early 1930s to manufacture and sell a new shirt. His design solved the multitude of "white" problems in traditional tennis, especially his long-sleeve tension, to face down in the middle of the match. And the soft, flat collar can be worn or relaxed or turned up to protect the sunburn on the back of the neck.

Now retired from professional tennis, Lacoste focused his attention on the sale and distribution of shirts. He and his friend and business partners, André Gillier, joined the market to distribute "Lacoste T-shirts" specifically to North American retailers. The embroidered crocodile logo on the shirts assured that they were unmistakable and helped with Lacoste's "unique" look. The mass marketing of tennis shoes unexpectedly resulted in other athletes. In particular, Polo players started to wear tennis shoes like thick, long-sleeved mushroom shirts that were traditionally worn in sports.

Today you are most likely to find a Lacoste T-shirt on the golf course like a tennis court or polo field. In fact, the familiar little crocodile became a modern men's cabinet line, not just for athletes. Hip-hop fashion started the tee early, and today Lacoste's clothes are rap videos, school playgrounds and even nightclubs can be seen.

Paradoxically, however, the tennis players wear the shirt seriously, since they started to switch to the T-shirts at the end of the 90s. The Polo players have also passed the original Lacoste shirt. Despite the fact that the shirt is rarely used for the original purpose, its popularity is still as strong as it has ever been to the general public.

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