The Top 3 Secret of Shopping Clothing

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One-man trip to the back of the closet and you see at least one terrible example of how to buy your clothes. If your job is to buy your company or organization, these tips will help you avoid the wrong choices. You want to give a very personal, valuable gift to wear and enjoy in the coming years. When customers, prospective customers or workers arrive at the back of their closet, do not want your business shirt to hang, never wear it.

Why buy clothes? Presentation of clothing articles to promote business is by far the number one direct marketing product category with an annual turnover of $ 5.6 billion. Almost 30% of all promotional purchases are apparel. Fashion, form and function along with the brand are a magical combination. Before putting your final plan to action, remove the confusion and make it easier to make a decision. There are three areas to consider: the function of the fabric, gender style and quality. By focusing these three areas, you can better choose what is best for your project and budget. Then I'll tell you some common goofs to avoid buying clothes. Finally, you'll find answers to some commonly asked customer questions.


1. Performance Apparel and Performance Brands are the current clothing words.

What is your garment? How will they be used? Let's start with the end in mind. Corporate buyers and non-profit groups are formally and functionally a key aspect.

100% cotton in the spotlight focuses on the distribution of many synthetic fabrics, such as performance clothing. Performance clothing has many features: anti-wrinkle, anti-fade, anti-pillar, anti-shrink, anti-stretch, antimicrobial and moisturizing to name a few. This dress relies on hard use and constant washing needs, such as restaurant servers and construction workers. Many athletic and golf clothing lines use antimicrobial tissues to reduce the growth of sweat-induced bacteria.

Keep in mind that water-resistant, water-repellent and water-repellent materials are not the same. Waterproof garments are seamproof, able to withstand a certain amount of water pressure and retain their wearer. Waterproof clothing is chemically treated to withstand water. It should be regarded as water repellent, the fabric must withstand penetration by passing it through before and after washing and dry cleaning. You might hear a very popular performance of so-called moisture drainage. This dress is made of synthetic materials that are designed to remove moisture from the body.

Consider different names for the same performance. Clothing manufacturers have branded their performance products. There are only 4 examples here:

ClimaCool – Adidas technology that keeps air on the body to regulate body temperature

Cool FX – Izod technology that distributes moisture on the fabric

Dri-Fit: Nike Water Separation System to keep the wearer dry.

StretchFlex: Bella-Alo stretch fabric. The style and size of men and women are very different. Many brands offer coins to dress up both men and women

Men's shirts are straight through the trunk, their shoulders slightly sloping from the collar and the sleeve downwards. Basic considerations include neck, shoulder and sleeves. The male's sleeve length is short or long-sleeved and wrists. Men's shorts are longer on the arm, in some styles to the elbows. Over-sized shirts are of the same size as the full size.

Women's shirts are designed to fit women's natural shape and provide greater comfort. Cutting the right angle makes it easier and ingenious shirt shirt without a loose knit fabric in the waist. The sleeves are generally shorter and closer to the shoulders. Some women's shirts are available in long sleeve sleeves that is flattering for women because it shows the thinnest part of the arm while covering the upper arm. It is fitted in the waist, many women's shirts will lightly glisten on the hip.

Another key distinction in women's clothing is the distinction between chest size. Blazing softens female qualities, providing better movement and comfort without breaking the excess material. In addition to tailor-made contours, female styles are shorter than men's shirts. Another remarkable difference is that the buttons of the female T-shirt are on the left side of the placket while the men's T-shirt buttons are on the right.

When choosing the venue for decoration, please make sure. Many experienced buyers try to keep chest logos away when they dress up

. The quality of clothing is distinguished by three factors: the type of fabric, the construction and the size stability.

Why do better quality clothes go on? The reason is dimensional stability; the dress is resistant to shrinkage or after-washing distortion. Quality clothing keeps its intended shape for copying over and over again.

Look at the quality of clothing. Two-layered borders will appear on better garments, with two sewn-on lines. Look at the neck and shoulders of the shirt and you can find an inlay fabric over the inner seams. Sticky neckties, sticky shoulder seams and double needle borders provide seams, help keep the garment and provide even more perfect appearance.

Clothing weight (light, medium or heavy) is not the best indicator of clothing quality. The light weight is about 4 oz. square meters; medium weight of about 5 oz. and the heavy weight is about 6 oz. Weight also changes between tissues. For example, many famous brands, often seen in white shirts are all available in a 5 oz size. and a 6 oz. weight. While lighter clothes are more economical, the white shirt shirt is slightly transparent and striking. On the other hand, the ultra-popular Under Armor brand features T-shirt styles that are super thin and have very lightweight fabrics.

When choosing clothing, find "no curl" necklaces on golf shirts; choose "pills" cotton on your hooded sweater. If you choose performance, make sure decorating does not endanger clothing performance.


1. Have a Champagne Beer

Do not count too much. If you buy the cheapest piece of clothing, do not wait to endure wear and frequent washing

. Unisex Dressing for Men and Women

If you want to wear, enjoy and watch the dress instead of the back of the drawer, consider shopping size and style. Carefully check the cut, cut and size for both men and women. Not all T-shirts are cut the same; there are big differences between the various big brands. You may need styles that can be up to 5XL and longer sleeves long for those who are tall

. Equality of Weights of the Fabric

Take advantage of our expertise. Ask for a pattern for comparison of tissues. Look at building and manufacturing. Popular T-shirts and sweater brands offer a variety of weights and fabrics.

4th New and other wishes

Bear in mind the wearer and the subject of the program. Allow the dress to be practical, well-designed, designed to fit the wearer and match the season or use. Find the decorative features to make the garment unique and unique. Consider packing, presentation, and distribution to make the program extraordinary and memorable.


1. What decorative technique will work for my clothes better?

First, you need to determine whether clothing is intended as an incentive or promotion. Promotion of clothing logo decoration on the product. Clothing promotion distributes a product or service. It can be used as a customer gift or exhibition uniform. The 19459005 Incentive focuses on the clothing brand ; this is a gift or reward for some performance.

Customers choose incentive programs for status labels because the detected value is high and encourages positive action. This dress is more than a logo that attracts attention.

Decoration techniques include embroidery, applique, screen printing, digital printing, laser etching or multimedia (rhinestone, nail head or crystal transfer). The garment and the fabric typically dictate how to best decorate. For example, very thin garments can not be sewn, so use screen printing with special dyes.

Recommended for embroidery incentive programs and branded clothing. The latest trend is to deal with color, tone fibers and discreet placement of the logo. This fine decoration creates a high sense of value. Use a monogram to personalize the executive gift.

2. Buy branded or non-branded clothing?

If budget extension is the primary consideration, it saves money with non-branded clothing. Branded brands are usually cheaper, open-cut, decorating and manufactured to their shopping habits.

Branded clothing is usually a surplus for brand protection, and distribution is sometimes limited. There may be quantitative requirements for purchases, and many brands have a logo limitation. We encourage you to advertise your brand or company to brands that echo their quality commitment when promoting your brand or company.

3. What should you know about environmentally friendly clothing?

This new product category demands high demands. Just like in the supermarket, higher points are waiting for organic and natural attire. Many brand names and branded mills offer eco-conscious styles. Buying environmentally friendly clothing will help your business grow against the environment.

Eco-friendly clothing must be sustainable. Sustainable clothing is characterized by:

Use of reinforced organic natural fibers (wool, cotton, linen)

Use of highly renewable fibers (bamboo, soybeans)

Low-impact synthetic or recycled fibers

Non-toxic or low-toxic fibrous processes and treatments

Low-impact or natural dyes

Design and color selection for longevity rather than planned obsolescence

Fair trade, ethical (19659002) Minimal or environmentally-friendly packaging [19659002] Environmentally friendly natural fabrics: Organic cotton, bamboo, Tencel, cocona, recycled polyester. Many sustainable clothing products and fibers result in improved absorbent and antimicrobial properties.

Environmentally Friendly Decoration: Trends using organic cotton yarn, multiple watery screen printing and digital printing inks. Know how natural tissues respond to different decorations

One of the best reasons to have a trusted advisor is to propose the best quality and performance styles within your budget. We also offer special packaging suggestions and decorative features to make a memorable theme for the program. Clothing is constantly changing and working hard to make it easier to work.

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