The top 5 women's tops

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When it comes to fashion, no one is better than women. Garments that typically look good to people are very narrow in variety if they know what I mean. You just do not have to work when it comes to mens fashion. But women are the sky of the limit.

One of the most popular areas of women's clothing revolves around the peaks. The upper is a sleeveless t-shirt worn by both sexes, men and women. The market is cheap and abundant, and above all popular. However, this article should only focus on women, as the possibilities available are infinitely broader.

Tank Top

Top of the container is the most popular top model for women. Essentially a sleeveless shirt with two straps on the shoulders. This is also very popular in both sexes. In fact, they are more popular among men in Asian countries. They wear them under their working clothes, and they wear it at home. The South Asian Asian expression is the "mummy tank" on the top of the "Singlet". Boob Tube

The Boob Tube British sling on the top of the tube. The tube also refers to a television set in North America, shoulderless shoulders that have no shoulders because they have no straps, usually made of elastic material that clings to the chest to ensure their proper safety. that they are used and perfect in the summer months or even when combined with a cardigan. Crop Crops

Crop is a T-shirt that has an impact on the abdomen. namely abdominal and upper abdomen, especially in warmer months, because it involves a lot of skin and can therefore sometimes be regarded as quite risky. Younger generation

One shoulder upper

These are the peaks leaving a single shoulder. The clamping strap may be thin, wide or completely covering the clamping shoulder. They consider you to be much sexier than most other tops, except the neck of the Halter, these dresses disappoint for onlookers, as they only look at the skin. Coach, sophisticated, but never wear too often. Save them for special occasions. The set of elegance and beauty, Halterneck has long been a favorite of Hollywood stars and recording artists. The upper is an upper with a single strap behind the wearer's neck. Although they are fond of the various occasional or formal features, this style is mostly seen by women's swimsuits.

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