Tips for buying modern furniture

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Most people are looking forward to buying new furniture. After all, this is probably the third most valuable investment ever to be made. So you can be so disappointing if you do not fit into your room as you planned it. You even want to return what is costly, both in money and in time, to you and the trader. So it's important that you thoroughly perform your homework before making a final commitment. HOW TO OPERATE

You need to measure more space than to measure the width, depth, and height of the room. The furniture showrooms are sized by walls and ceilings for furniture showcases. But if you look like a furniture in a showroom or in a catalog or on-line, it does not really show you how the piece will be in your home. Room dimensions, ceiling height, door and window opening have dramatic effect on achieving a satisfactory result

An easy way to check how furniture fits into your home is that on our website, our catalog or one of our sales consultants, and lift up their width and depth on the floor, then gather some carton boxes to the correct heights to get back to get to know the look of the furniture. And always keep in mind that it takes into account walls, vents, electrical and telephone connectors, and so on.

An important aspect that is often ignored by furniture buyers is to take into account access to transport. When the carriers arrive with the expected new handsome purchase, they will soon realize how important the doors and halls are and how they can expect any other potential problems.

Here are the most important considerations that should be considered: [19659004] (a) Furniture sizes: width (from left to right), depth (front to back) and height.

b) Is there a lightweight sidewalk access to the transport vehicle? If not, can you arrange it?

c) When you are tall, where is the docking station? Is the entrance and the ceiling tall enough for a truck? Is the lift big enough?

d) If you live in a unit, you have to go down the stairs and landings?

e) What is the size of the stairs, height? (Keep in mind that if the cabinet or couch is placed in the bend to turn corners or landings, you need extra height than its longest dimension.)

(f) How big is the front door / main entrance?

g) Is the corridor in the main entrance or in the room? h) How big are the interior doors? How wide is the inner corridor?

You need to make sure your furniture fits on these entrances and angles. HOW TO SELECT

After buying a home and a car, purchasing furniture is the third largest investment most of us do and can be very emotional. When you visit a variety of stores to choose furniture, it may be quite disturbing, as many of the furniture seem similar, though prices may vary greatly. Some people buy only at a price; some people believe that they receive what they pay, both of them biased. Some pieces can be wonderful in the showroom or in the catalog, but after they arrive they will soon be able to dazzle you. It is therefore important to understand the basics when choosing the right furniture.

As we may know, actual materials account for about 50% of the cost of furniture manufacturing – design and labor are the other determining factors. If money is not a problem, you want to marvel at a world-famous brand, but if you are not the type to be influenced and want a true value for money, you should choose products that are made in regions with lower wage costs, provided they meet international quality standards . The furniture manufactured by the ISO9001 quality control and low-cost factory will generally provide greater value for your investment. The external appearance is relatively easy to copy, the internal structure and the finishing process, where quality matters, you can not see the bits. So choosing a long-term supplier with a good reputation and a good driving culture is critical when buying a big ticket. Do not miss similar products – put the right questions about quality and understand what's not visible.

Another general consideration when shopping for furniture designed for small units or apartments is likely to be slightly lost in the grand Victorian-style home, just like large-sized furniture, a very dull feeling in a small apartment, though physically fit room. When you start looking for furniture, you have to think not only about your own taste, but also the size of your designs.

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