Tips for designing your team and corporate sportswear

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If your business supports a local sports team or is involved in a league, you will need team squad and corporate sportswear. Whether a t-ball group played in a local park or their own staff is gathering a tennis tournament, the company must be represented with the emblem, colors and other details of the uniforms. Here are some tips we need to keep in mind for a unified design.

Company / Team Logo

The corporate logo is proud of the corporate sports team. Your company name may be in a special style or font. If you have graphics or pictures, talk to the experts about the best material that suits you.

When your company supports a local recreational class basketball team, the actual business name is important but not as outstanding as the team name. You want sponsors of events to know how to become a sponsor, but you also want kids to know "Rockets" or "Bears."


Your business is likely to contain colors that are used on their website or in their logo. Make sure the color you choose is your logo and uniform.

Extra information

You may need additional text or graphics on your uniform, such as winning tournaments, player names, and company website or phone number. Take care not to shake too much, or information that people really see can be lost.

Clothes type

Depending on the nature of the sport, basic T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, sweaters or other styles may be required. Many teammates and corporate sportswear stores also sell shirts, shorts, sweatpants, jackets and much more. You can find the right garment for almost any group.

Combines together

Close collaboration between experienced designers and graphic designers, whether it's local or online, to see different design ideas on a variety of materials. Experiment with texts of different sizes, in different places, with or without graphics or pictures.

As far as companies selling a team series and corporate sportswear are concerned, the company is well-represented. Take the time to choose settings that reflect your company's appearance. Choose an experienced service provider you can rely on to get the look you want.

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