Top 10 Fun Wedding Favors

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You do not have to spend more money for your wedding – you feed them well, water them well and dance their legs – they do not expect extravagant gifts when they leave. Instead, why not inject a little party and childhood into your wedding and chuck your guests when their mood is open? Here are our 10 best wedding ideas:

1. Bubbles! Especially for an outdoor wedding, a skyscraper sky can make some spectacular views.

2nd Retro Sweets. There are plenty of candies and chocolates that are now coming back to the childhood world, as these old favorites will all remember and become wonderfully retro subjects

. Balloons. All their shapes and sizes, all their colors in the color scheme – they can even hide tiny treasures and sweets before they blow them – or go to the helium and even listen to the most elaborate. the night …

4. Photo supplies – they're great at the photo box and will encourage little haze. Go to your chosen wedding theme and get cheap cheap hats, wigs, glasses, and accessories for guests while taking photos.

5th Mini ghosts. Products purchased in bulk do not have to be expensive – they have to buy a good selection of drinks (including non-alcoholic drinks) and guests will be happy

6. Personalized sweets. Some companies allow you to print a (very small) message for sweets. Choose the message, the color scheme, either an image, and cover the gifts you donated as gifts

. Crackers. Not just for Christmas! You can make biscuits all year round and personalize your content.

8th Kazoos! My own wedding band. Other small instruments such as bells and drums are cheap to buy (look for children's bag flags!), And fun for guests to join the celebration

9. Water pistols. Strictly for an outdoor wedding, and probably quite informally! And be prepared to make every male 4 years old … You might want to think about changing your wedding dress before everyone is loose!

10th Personalized T-Shirts. Probably the most expensive option, though there are home printing methods using printed stencils. Great memory in your special day.

Just because you married does not mean you have to grow up …!

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