Top 3 tees for screen printing

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first Black Cotton T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom offers a wide selection of promotional t-shirts but Heavy Cotton T remains the most popular in the UK, which is a recognizable brand of quality and value. Made with decorative decoration, fine knit knit and open ended thread, this shirt can handle repetitive washings and complex screen printing.

Loom's Fruits is the only imprint brand that uses a Belcoro licensed yarn for fabrics, for yarns in a Moroccan factory specialty spinning machine. This attention to quality fabrics means that Heavy T offers a more stable and narrow printing area with fewer loose fibers and a "soft hand" feel. Loom's fruits are among the largest vertically integrated manufacturers in the world (ie, all aspects of production from the cotton product to finished garments) and produce about 1.9 million T-shirts a week on a Moroccan basis. The company adheres to the "Code of Conduct", which outlines the commitment of Fruit of the Loom to the production of clothing in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Knitted Black Heavy Cotton Black Oeko-Tex approved and available in 8 colors and sizes, small and 3XL.

2. Gildan heavy cotton shirt

Gildan is currently the largest leisure wear brand in the United States and Canada. The heavy cotton T is made of 100% cotton-clad cotton (except sports and ash gray options that contain a small amount of polyester for durability). 100% American cotton, which has been ethically cultivated and cleaned according to USDA and USEPA standards.

Other tactile initiatives include Gildan's innovative BIOTOP sewage system that uses gravity, sunlight and microorganisms for dyes and chemicals virtually eliminating the water. Gildan is the first global manufacturer to be accredited by the Fair Labor Association accredited by its Labor Recruitment Program and employs around 30,000 staff worldwide and will soon complete large-scale, highly efficient facilities in a manufacturing Bangladesh in Central America and the Caribbean to support growth in Europe and Asia. The Gildan Heavy Cotton T 35 is available in small sizes and sizes of 3XL, and in all cases the screen printing results in quality results. Starworld Hefty T-Shirt

Starworld's heavy cotton shirt is made of 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton. Ring cotton is made by twisting the yarns, so cotton short hair turns out and delivers fine long cotton fibers that are stronger and considerably softer than the touch. Though heavy T has this softer "hand" than competitors, the arguments can be more difficult to produce on a screen when printing a smooth image.

Starworld is also a vertically integrated supplier. Egyptian Minister of Manpower. The company is WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), which ensures that staff are working in a properly trained and secure environment. Starworld Hefty T-Shirt is available in 21 colors and small sizes.

The Loom T-Shirts is again displayed in the most demanding T-shirt printing in our workshop, in some way selling the nearest competitors. This shows that the more attention the brand is, the more likely it is that people tend to be attracted to it, are safe in the knowing that they know what they are doing – even if there are very good alternatives

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