Top 5 Dalok T-Shirts to Lyrics

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T-shirt is mostly a symbol of adolescence. Both sexes, men and women wear print t-shirts that blend in between clothes. Today, printed t-shirts are important items in our lives that have emotional value to them. Here are five popular songs that speak about T-shirts or T-shirts.

Shontelle T-Shirt

The beautiful Shontelle "T-Shirt" song tells a woman about the comfort of her ex-boyfriend's t-shirt. He should have been with his friends as part of the liberation of disintegration, but in fact he only had to wear a tee shirt to throw a ball.

T-Shirt by Destiny's Child

Unlike Shontelle's "T-shirt", Destiny's Child sings a woman who uses her love t-shirt with an uncomfortable source when she misses her and there is no man there. The couple did not break, but not together.

She also remembers the intimate moments he and his man were wearing under his t-shirt. The fragrance of Cologne has a fragrance that brings her memories to get together in bed.

Suppose the T-shirt R. Kelly

R. Kelly's "Put My T-Shirt On" describes how a man's shirt looks like by his girlfriend. She goes round her room with printed T-shirt, triple X, and nothing else.

Adina Howard T-shirt and Trousers with Jamie Foxx

Adina Howard "T-Shirt and Panties" is a sexually charged song. She wore the shirt in bed. His phone called his friend and asked him what he was wearing. This time the shirt is additional clothing.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift hit "Te Belong With Me" is not about T-shirts or any piece of clothing. The song itself is a cliché when the smooth Jane gets her dream man and the criminal is a rival who only gets desserts.

It's about a neighbor girl who's very popular at school. He has a fucking girlfriend who is an enjoyable captain. However, the usual little girl who wears a waistcoat likes the guy because his personality fits well with his belt.

In this song is the person who retreats and is light with t-shirts. T-shirts are of low quality. They Wear Every Day and Repeat for Washing and Wear

The first two songs represent women wearing their t-shirts. For a woman the shirt is the source of comfort because it keeps its scent on the fabric. T-shirt is one way for a woman to keep close contact with her partner even if she is not there.

The third song shows how a man looks like this female behavior. For a man, when a woman wears a printed shirt with triple X, she is the woman. The nature of man is to own and mark his area, and one way for him to dress up and wear his scent.

The last two songs mention tees as casual wear, but women's wear on T-shirts shows how much t-shirt is indispensable for society. It represents a calm earthly attitude that people love. T-shirts are really in the fashion world forever.

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