Torso Pants – My Favorite Funny T-Shirts Torso Pants – My Favorite Funny T-Shirts

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I was skeptical when I saw the Torso Pants ad in which cats had astronauts, but I thought it was a very thorough research, study, and thinking.

You see, I'm very special when it comes to the humor of the tee. I'm not sanding, offensive, obnoxious, openly sexual or super geeky. Not my style. What I really admire is dry humor, funny absurdity, hamsters and awesome quotes or references from the best movie comedies.

Torso pants makes the grade. Their plan is bright and beautiful, rap is strong.

Even the T-shirt with lyrics is fun. Try not to laugh with:

"I enjoy the fun" or "At least I'm doing things" or even "This is not the t-shirt I ordered."

With the colors and brands of T-shirts, including the American clothing (my favorite), Torso Pants is one of the most important actors in the scene of the fun t-shirt.

Seriously, you can sell a shirt that says "pancake". Frankly, I can not and do not you.

A warning: do not buy the drunk astronaut t-shirt you're doing. Not funny. Drunken space shuttle driving is not a joke. Oh, and while I'm there, you really think I'm glorifying spliffage with IV: XX Roman numerals. I did not think. And what the hell is Torso Pants. It sounds like it was at the moment of despair.

Anyway, these little tights, Torso Pants is a t-shirt emo shirt, where you can dress less. Well, not really. Though you can buy a whimsical shirt for a dollar or a big money for Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars, you have to pay a premium cash bag. However, if …

  • Different to taste
  • Cuddle Like a Camel
  • Collect Plastic Rubies
  • Walk Like a Woodchuck Then, in 91.3% sure to get the hard-earned money in Torso Pants.

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