Unconscious communication signals for Swingers

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Women's U.C.S. for swinging men

If you are a single male or a swinger pair, you must recognize the female U.C.S. in the style of a single-person female or swinger pair.

It is very important from the beginning to understand that U.C.S. "clusters" that we have to pay attention. U.C.S. isolated events are not necessarily meaningful in themselves. So here is the rule that we are patiently observing the signs and attributing their significance only when they are transmitted as part of behavioral patterns. Taking these clusters into account in U.C.S. perhaps the most important observation to be made at the early stages of the first swing date or to establish new connections in a swinger party, etc.

Eye Contact

U.C.S. that everyone knows eye contact. The ongoing lack of eye contact is a strong evidence that a woman is not interested in a person, but it would be unusual for any woman to keep eye contact for the entire duration of the conversation, so remember to ignore isolated cases as well. Probably the most convincing sign is that a woman does not care when she refuses to return to eye contact when she looks into her eyes. When this is still happening, it is almost certain that you have time to convene the meeting.

On the other hand, the greater the eye contact and the longer the contact is, the more secure, the real possibility. Another strong indication when blurring eyelashes blinks. Perhaps the ultimate eye contact signal is expanding students when they are expanding, their chances are very interesting and they are already raising the potential for sexual intercourse. Keep in mind that all these eye contact signs apply in cases where a woman is a part of a swinger and when she meets single women. lips and mouth gestures

Woman's lips and mouth are used to send U.C.S. to designate sexual intent and desire. People should look for signs such as lips and tongue movements. But once again, this is a signal and not an isolated event, which means that the encounter has taken time to try to move the next step. [26] is another example of the UCS Here, too, you need to pay attention to the signal. A single flick may be the result of itching. This is a repetitive flicking of what counts. When it comes to a swinger lifestyle, it's almost always too flirtatious and very strong signs of sexual attraction.

Movement of shoes and legs

control of shoes. This is another strong, feminine U.C.S. In all pacing-lifestyle meetings, women using maneuvers are telling people that they feel comfortable. But they probably indicate more. Sometimes the maneuver itself goes further, resulting in a partial or even complete removal of a shoe. If that's the case, it's likely to indicate that he wants to pin him. If it happens at a time or in a swinger, the person on the receiver's side must react quickly when he moves directly to the physical contact stage.

Caressing Objects

A common feminine U.C.S. such as the feeling of sexual attraction, are useful items such as the use of wine glasses to convey desire. The sensual stroking of the stem of the glass is probably the most widespread example of parties, dinners or other meetings where drinks are part of the event. However, we can use all kinds of useful things so you should always pay attention to this sign. Usually, males give less unconscious communication signals than women, although some UCSs are characteristic of both sexes. Eye contact is probably the easiest to share. When a man touches a woman with direct and long-lasting eyes, she is likely to signal her attractiveness. When socializing in swinger lifestyle, such as at a time or sexuality, the person who keeps eye contact constantly is likely to be uncomfortable or upset. Unfortunately, men who do not deal with this question will probably not be good swing partners for swinger women or couples. Men's Position

Men show their true feelings to women. Accepting an open posture with the shoulders and overhead is likely to be interest and self-confidence. The resolution also suggests that they represent dominance and power, and these are the masculine attributes that most women find most attractive in the swinger scene.

Another aspect of the male position is its direction. A man pointing to the female with his upper body indicates his attractiveness. By contrast, a person who is constantly turning away or showing his upper body, leg or face far from a woman does not understand interest or discomfort. Even if he is interested and just inconvenient, the conclusion that he will be pulled out is not as funny as a swinger playmate.

Male Pressing

The hairflicking example described earlier is the woman's pussy. But the males are also promising themselves. Any type of "appearance correction" maneuver counts in advance. For example, a man who was wearing his tie on the first occasional swing time or blown stains on his coat. They are male U.C.S. which points to the woman.

Swingers need to balance

Couples and singles who are new to the swinger lifestyle must understand that U.C.S. is an important element of human social and sexual interaction. Without this knowledge, it is surprisingly easy to get to the best swinger parties without enjoying their fruit. On the other hand, swingers must be cautious with the pistol's jump because too many are reading an isolated U.C.S. Swingers have to find the balance between these two extremes. The way in which this balance is achieved is U.C.S. search clusters or repetitive patterns. and listen to them with lots of good silence.

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