US sports ensembles for our best athletes

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Before I fully entered my business career, I was a high-performance sports career and I even realized how important my sporting equipment was, even as a runner. There was the shoe, the socks, the shorts and the jersey – everything meant, I would be surprised. Even before, these shoes, shorts and shirts were not in the US, but that will not stop. All right, let's talk about it, since it has not changed much since then, and it was 20 years ago.

You see, there was a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal on July 20, 2012, which asked: John Bussey, the media sensuous bruuhaha subjected to controversies by American athletes in the London Olympics in 2012, discussed " Made It Matter China Made the US Olympic Uniforms ". The article states; "Uniform shoes have a lot to do with US relations with China, and the feeling that the US is losing competition to the Chinese."

You know it's true in many respects, but we have not made clothes in our country for the time being. Most of the textiles industry went to Mexico for NAFTA, then came out to the Chinese, and finally, most of the clothes we now buy and shoes, even if they say Nike, Adidas or other known brand. If you have Nike clothing, the running trousers I wear are well in Singapore, not in China, but what the hell is; still not made in the US. Second, there is nothing wrong with them, they fit well, they feel good and are sharp.

Let me ask you something; these athletes practiced the USA Made sportswear – probably not. It is true that in their athletes they rarely wore sportswear in the US, but now I think it is because election year, high unemployment, and trade unions want to choose a democratic one. as it is a remarkable news, as the outsourcing of American jobs seems to be a great pet in this political season.

Now let me ask something else; tell me when you celebrated the fourth quarter of July, I bet you have a BBQ, a really cool unit you bought at Lowes or Home Depot and I bet they were not made in America. Neither paper plates, plastic cups, nor plastic banners were – they see what they did in China. Also, who do you think they invented the firearms for the first time – yes, the Chinese actually did about 2000 years ago. Think about it. All we have to do is focus on winning the Aranymetals – many of them!

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