Ways to Wear Vintage Tee shirts

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The gray shirt shirts are a great time to stay casual but still funky. Entertaining, they show that you have a lighter side and prove to the world that the local charity shop is flattering a great score. To find out more about where to find the best shirts and how to wear them, read on.

Step One: Find The Perfect T Shirt

If you can not find an elegant vintage dot, you will not be able to wear vintage t-shirts. The first rule to hunt for a vintage shirt is that it never takes such a fake and prefabricated vintage teas that they sell for the old navy or forever 21. It shakes forged. Instead, look at the vintage shop.

With most vintage stores or used clothing stores or charity stands and other used stores, you can copy the best and bright choices. It's like a shopping filter that destroys bad things for you.

Of course, you buy a vintage t-shirt from a vintage store, which means premium, which means paying extra for the service. If you want to save the dough or just want to have the gilding experience, visit the nearest charity or used store.

Accessories Tote Making

A simple vintage theme is fine for a Saturday afternoon break around the house, but you can still get much more with just a few extra accessories. Try to pair your favorite vintage t-shirt with a thick necklace, a bold vintage earring or a large bracelet. Add your dress and dress up for a bit.

Couple With The Perfect Couple

Your jeans will either make or break your beloved vintage t-shirt. Avoid the temptation to pair the vintage shirt with a pair of old, cut off jeans. The look is stupid and dull, not cool. Instead, grab the hottest clean and crunchy jeans and enjoy the "old new appointments" contrast.

Avoid Ironic Sayings

Humorous saying on a shirt can be funny for five seconds, but as an old Ashton Kutscher joke, it's old enough. So keep away from shirts that are too ironic, dark or fun. Do not forget you want a shirt that says "vintage bohemian cool" and not "clown clown".

Vintage T-shirts are all about how to wear them and where to find them. Do not forget to always buy it authentic, and remember to have access to the perfect pair of jeans.

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