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"How we present ourselves in business influences our promotion, efficiency with our employees, and how our customers perceive us." (Susan Bixley, author of professional presence)

This article is really about "dressing for success" and I would like you to think about this term very broadly. Consider aspects outside your clothing. You plan your tangible expression of your vision as you, your behavior, your facial expressions, your way of speaking, and how you approach the world. Most of them meet in a comfortable mode that we have been maintaining for years. This can work well for us or prevent new opportunities from opening up. In order for growth and development to come to life, we have to change something with ourselves. And often, what seems to be only an external change, brings us a strong internal change.

Jack Canfield talks about one of his early business experiences when his boss bought himself in a distinguished men's shop. She was very uncomfortable, just because she was in the store, but she could buy an expensive dress. The next day they wore their shirt and realized how fit it was, how the material felt better than a cheaper shirt and how good it looked. It wanted to buy more! "My comfort zone changed slowly because I got used to something better."

One of my coaching clients preparing for an important interview at a university bought what he called "dean's shoes." Wearing the shoe added that she was sure of her presence in the interview. He didn't get this concrete job, but his meeting performance with meetings was even better and better.

Dressing and unsuccessful action is more than stunning. If you act as if you already have a job, a relationship, a house, a car, or anything else, it will make a difference. This is a kind of & # 39; redesign & # 39; the process of body, soul and spirit. What a strong idea! You can choose the attitude and behavior that leads to the desired life.

How would you like to see yourself and your environment? Maybe another shoe will be on the right track.

"If it thinks otherwise, it may be great." (Donald Trump)

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