What is the latest tennis dress?

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The tennis dress was predictable and boring. Men and women's tennis players were limited to wearing white sportswear. The Aertex shorts were short trousers or white blouses with short skirts, white socks and pumps.

However, these days the top designers create a lot more choices, resulting in a tennis dress that is fashionable, sexy and stylish. The highest seeds, such as Venus and Serena Williams, have many of the finest fashion ranges. Tennis skirts are available in a variety of materials, colors and styles. Serena Williams is often featured in top races, zingy, plain tennis clothes. Shorts are also acceptable and the color is no longer limited to white, except in some bigger competitions.

Nowadays, colorful roses, greens and orange tennis wear are often seen. Serena Williams chose a neon orange Nike summer athlete and skate in the Sony Ericsson game that opens in Miami. With a wide band and appropriate sports footwear, he has put together the fashion show pace and performance. It seemed enormous and wonderful.

Venus Williams launched a series of sportswear under the name of EleVen. The selection can be worn in court or casual wear. Venus's signature bargain is called V Court, high performance shoes, and has since promoted this item when playing the most important competitions recently. EleVen has over 120 items in a variety of colors including athletic footwear, cotton, graphic shirts, socks and bra. At affordable prices the province is becoming more popular.

The best designer of Stella McCartney stars began to impact on the fashionable tennis rackets of tennis courts. The Adidas tennis racer is for racing-back top and loose pants. The Imperial line and the web ribbons allow a lot of movement. The dress also has fine embroidery on the curved edge. The dress is available in white and purple. However, it does not come cheap; They pay for $ 100.

Stella McCartney tennis clothes series of light green bags, hooded sweaters, trainers, sportswear and jackets. The high-tech fabrics range handles sweat intensively.

With top quality fashion designers and renowned tennis aces looking for the latest sports apparel, it's no surprise that tennis clothing has been fashionable.

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