What is Wardriving and how to prevent it

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Imagine a car that is not a laptop, a portable GPS receiver, and a wireless network card, walking slowly around the area. Unknown for onlookers, this is not a regular vehicle; it's rather a stunning machine. As the car passes to homes and businesses, the wireless network card (available in every electronics store that has up to $ 25) reads for each wireless access point. Anyone who has a wireless network (and many are there) is vulnerable. Your computer is looking for the SSID name. The SSID is the name of the wireless network and the access point continuously transmits the information that allows the computers to be present. Wardriver uses software such as Netstumbler (windows) or Cismet (linux) to read wavelengths for SSIDs. The program can monitor the various access points simultaneously and monitor the signal strength. These programs can also check whether the network is encrypted. The director usually configures the software to capture strong, unencrypted signals. Using the GPS receiver, the strong signal coordinates are recorded. After this pre-drive, the congregation can return to the fixed places and join the access point. If you are connected to an encrypted network, the congregation can use the victim's Internet access and search computers on the network. If the files are shared within one's private network, all the information is sensitive to a congregation. Additionally, once you are in the network, a security person will sniff your network traffic and view passwords and credit card numbers on the Internet – even SSL-protected data. Wireless network vulnerability is a big problem, and more and more households are taking wireless technology, the problem of insecure networks is increasing. Sounds scary? Well, it happens every day and does not hire an expert to pull it out. However, it does not require a specialist to provide protection either.

Steps to Protect Your Patrons:

A number of very simple steps are required to protect your wireless network. In many such cases, you need access to the router configuration utility (check this manual, usually enter the IP address in your browser, such as or

Do not convey your SSID. If you broadcast the SSID, this is the first thing that the program will call and recognize. If you configure the router to not send your SSID, it will be difficult to detect (but it is not impossible because some software may disturb wireless communication, so if you are using a wireless network, you can view the SSID). If you do not transmit your SSID, but you can guess it (for example, if you use a default SSID), camouflage is meaningless. Therefore, do not forget to change your SSID from the factory default setting. This is not a 100 percent effective way to protect your network, but it's a good first line of defense

Change the default password. If you buy a router, it stores a factory password. People experienced in routing with routers know the default passwords for different routers (and the router's product can be seen from the wardriver software, for example, netstumbler). It is important that you provide the router with a good password.

Encrypts wireless communication. I can not emphasize the importance of encrypting wireless communications. Enable encryption and enter a key. Most routers can only use WEP encryption, but if you enable EAP encryption, it is safer than WEP. Like SSID disguising, encryption is not 100% secure. If you have enough time and determination to target and access the network, you can circumvent WEP encryption by using software such as AirSnort.

Filtering MAC addresses for which connection to the router is allowed. This requires you to enter the router configuration and enter the MAC address of each wireless card. This restricts access, so only computers can connect to the router. You must obtain the MAC address (which is the unique identifier of a network card in the form of a 12-digit hexadecimal number). If someone crosses the traffic and detects the computer's MAC address wirelessly using the network, the congregation can emulate this address and connect to the router, but it will take time

If you configure file sharing on your computer, make sure that password protected. You should not share files on networked computers unless you require access to a certified user. Set the same user accounts on the machines so that their computers can share files.

With these relatively simple steps, wireless network users can gain security from supervisors. Wireless networks are by and large uncertain and these tips simply help secure the network more secure. If someone is really determined to have access to the network, they have enough time to get a good hacker. These tips, however, prevent the average bard from accessing your network. While these methods are unclear security measures, they change the network in seconds to find things to do, things that will do a definite hacker days if they do not do seven jobs, all you need to do while you're near your network.

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