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Public opinion that can be sure of being helpful sometimes will never have to get rid of what we know in our hearts what we are trying to convey. Sincerity is a great requirement of art. If we are still honest, the art that is always there will never leave it. ~ Cornelia Otis Skinner

As many people know, I'm an enthusiastic runner. Nothing I've been trying to do even comes close to having the feeling that I'm on the edge of the road on my face and just the rhythm of my legs and the breath of my breathing to motivate me. ] Like most people, I have a favorite thing to do when I go to my run. I have worn Nike running shoes, Spandex (yes spandex) trousers and some long sleeve running shirts that are warm, yet breathable. One of my favorite shirts has a Dale Carnegie Training logo on the front and a mission statement behind it, saying "Turning Potential into Performance". Each time I wear, I spend a lot of time thinking about these words, what it means to me, and what it should mean to those who read it as I run.

A lot of money spent on marketing in the world these days. Some of the best marketing ideas I've seen, I've seen on T-shirts. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, B.U.M, Roots and countless other organizations really charge us astronomical sums to wear our name in our dress. What kind of messages do we send out for what we are writing about?

What I ask you to think about here, what would be if the logo on the dress we wore was telling us who we are and what we're up to? "What would be the logo on the shirt, would you say confidently? optimism or generosity or compassion

As for the question of the logo, it is important to remember that you think it is the same as it is you are wearing. If you are a compassionate person, without advertising on the shirt, it becomes obvious how you decide your life experience or how you interact with others. For a while, I read a quote saying, "Who speaks so loud that I do not hear what you say." To me, this means that "without saying anything, your character speaks for itself. "What does your character say? Are you the same person as the private person?

If you decide to wear or display a particular feature or mission on your shirt or in your life (what do you know!), What to choose and why? Then let me know. I'm always curious.

This week, you decide not to let others decide who and who you are, rather than who and what you want to be and choose this direction. If you decide who and who you are going to bring you closer to your own personal successes.

You're in your best week.

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