What is your style? – 8 explanations of their stylish proportions and characteristics

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The guy who's so "sporty". It's so cool. We often hear such comments. But what exactly does this style mean? He wondered what traits, dress styles were going on with these styles of hair? Read on to find out more about 8 different quotients of this kind:


Your life is overloaded with workplace commitments to look at your free time. The appearance is secondary or tertiary in the list. You want light and comfortable clothing over fancy dresses. In general, you do not coordinate what you are wearing, rather so fast, or you do not like to think back to the mirror. She wears the most comfortable clothes on the screen and does not mind wearing slippers. In general, you do not need personal interest at all. No glitter will ever catch his eyes. Your priority is work and practicality, feasibility and comfort. You love those who are there and you have no sorrows or regrets.


You like to lower your hair most of the time, are extremely comfortable on the skin and appreciate the comfort of everything! It does not always like fashionable products; you have to match your personal tastes to get into the closet. Would you like to relax with cold coffee or beer (if within the limits allowed), with rumors, to climb the latest releases in the shorts! You're retiring for fashion, so you spoil your style to keep the fun factor intact while becoming a simple combination. You love colors and free flowing silhouettes. You like the wavy prints and shorts with your sports shoes or casual t-shirts!

The girl / boy near the door of the neighbor:

You are talking with your shining eyes and your smile smiled. It's easy, simple and attractive to others; features that can easily be recognized by the jeans of the bag, the sweaters and the carelessly hairy hair! There is a light air of yourself that is reflected in the gesture and the dress as well. You love to laugh with all those around you, eat with girls and occasionally rummage about other girls. You love to bet and give flowers, chocolates are weak in your knees and you love your old and faded jeans like anything else in your life! You recognized the pony tail and the cute ear piercing, and we emphasized that the "pretty" smile!


You are extremely active and you want to reflect the same feeling of affection. The most important are the rules of functionality, such as fashion and color cupboards. You love the T-shirt trousers and the swim / window shop every time you hand in an Adidas, Nike, Puma or Reebok store. Cool athletes have a good influence on their athletic appearance in shorts or mini skirts to spot themselves. Sport stars and their sporty style attract their movies in the T-shirt and shorts in the bag. The shoes are the best pair of shoes you've ever had and wished you'd go the same way in your office! Armbands and wristbands can be seen not only as a style accessory but for some reason to believe. You like colors; be it brighter shades or even dull … you know how to put them together for a go-getter appearance. All in all, regardless of your favorite sport, you certainly look athletic or funky!


You love rock and heavy metals, you love black nails, paint / tattoos, piercings, hair, etc. You like hard makeup, boots, messy hair and bohemian lifestyle. You love the punk rock stars and we are ready to reach all the limits to make poker straight off the dark-eyed spectacles; which are painted in Smokey eye makeup! You love roulette edging and often have your clothes cut to reflect your feelings. You like dark shades and colors, and all your pocket money goes to Metallica's concert. Boots, slim pants and pants are the most popular and you can not live without it without it!


You're oomph, flirting and seduction personalized! You love clothes that are wearing a body and are dealing a lot with the "asset show". You are admiring your sexual appeal on your flattering wardrobe! You are extremely aware of the look and style, you love to take care of your figure; regular gym – really! Yes, you would rather like to be a loyal brand, but if a non-branded product looks awesome, it will be in the closet. Body language is the key communicator; and the image is perfect for obsession and passion. You are expecting different styles of stories from different celebrities and are unhappy when designing your own style style!

Avant Garde

You like to think about the box, to follow your own style quotient, which describes the interior not only by supplementing your external beauty. You are radical, open and bold. You like to experiment your style and fashion with mix-n-match, fusion, contrast or even extravagant dressing! His mood or inspiration can be anything from blue; this can make you complement your dress according to your mood, the outside atmosphere or even your favorite poetic lines! You often mix and meet and often do not like everyone around you or you may not understand your opinion. However, please do not lose your heart as determined by your experimental clothing; as you say what you are!


Rich and graceful labels swim around the world, the luxurious and seductive life of your life. You love your cocksuit and little black clothes like yours! Chattering is your strength and your charm is the quotient of style. You love yourself and I have no question as much as you can. You prefer charitable reasons; somehow it keeps the ground and makes you happy! The latest designer clothing is in your collection and you update your garment no more than 6 months. You have exactly one dress you wear all day long, ranging from yoga to your swimsuit to cocktail dress or dress. Enjoy your life to the maximum and show it!

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