What makes a great waterproof coat?

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It's Monday morning and it works with a bit of delay, which means you do not pay any attention to the weather, so you can put an old waterproof material in the bag and go. Halfway to heaven is open, and all your coats extend the inevitable, unexpected cold shower, which then feels like you've started hunting when the sun suddenly appears. It's cold, wet, late, and has not come to work. Everyone loves Monday.

It does not take long to think of what makes a great companion in the fight against the weather, and I think this is an important lesson that can be passed on to friends and family who are willing to listen. Most of my friends are eyebrows when I start to talk about it, so be careful when selecting new knowledge-maybe that's something about me? I hope not.

If you're interested in what to buy to make it perfectly dry and comfortable for your work or everyday life and general activities, then read on – I hope this helps the elements become much more fun and not so painful.

There are market leaders on waterproof and breathable textiles, and I will discuss two of this article. Gore-Tex and eVent. These two, in my opinion, are market leaders, and both prove the best practice for a dry and comfortable stay. Check out your logo when you want to buy it.

The most well-known fabric is Gore-Tex. They are market leaders after ePTFE's discovery in 1969, and then production of ePTFE as waterproof and breathable. Gore-Tex was named after Bob Gore was a co-inventor. When constructing waterproof jackets, Gore-Tex is created by laminating. Traditionally, the simplest waterproof ones form a nylon-based exterior and a PU inner layer. They are waterproof but do not breathe, so life is very damp when it warms up.

Gore-Tex replaces the inner PU and provides waterproof and breathable properties to the jacket that makes life more comfortable by letting the water vapor out of billions of pounds (1.4 billion square centimeters) that are too small the droplets penetrate the water, but it is large enough for the water vapor to pass and then balance the air in its coat. Gore-Tex is used by brands like The North Face by Marmot, Mountain Equipment, Adidas, Berghaus, Brasher and Merrell.

The following list is for eVent. EVent is a favorite of the membrane family, I like the logo and the simplicity of the idea. What is eVent made in design and patent is a single layer of waterproof and breathable material that simply blocks the intake of water and allows sweat and water vapor to escape. EVent is different from Gore-Tex, because it has to be a further protective layer for the sandwich. Protect the membrane layer to protect it. EVent does not require this layer, making the tissue more severe and breathable. The event is waterproof, breathable and windscreen for the bonus. The brands that use eVent include Montane, Rab, Crux and many others.

Now let's not forget that some of the larger brands have developed their own waterproof and breathable material. Namely, North Face Hyvent and Marmot's Membrain Strata. Rab also developed its own tissue line called Pertex. However, these are not membrane fabrics, so let's just leave them. North Face and Marmot devoted much time and money to developing their own waterproof and breathable materials, not only to reduce construction costs, but to upgrade their products with ongoing updates of current technology developments.

Basically, this means you can buy an acceptable waterproof coat with a brand-name waterproof and breathable material at a good price, just know what you're looking for and hope this article will help you choose.

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