What to wear at the funeral?

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An old dilemma that is more difficult (or lighter) in today's casual dress codes and social habits. In Victorian times, the decision was easy – the only acceptable outfit was formal dark grief dresses. Nowadays, however, things have changed when we decide what to wear at the funeral.

General Guidelines

It seems that, according to consensus, you must always choose the appropriate burial garments for the deceased. If there is any doubt, darker, more subdued and more formal clothing is a safe bet, especially for an older person. Many sources suggest you wear something you will wear in the office.

On the other hand, the funeral of a young biker, or a person following a certain, stunning or alternative lifestyle, may seem strange, without grasping their own passion. If there is any doubt, the mourners should inquire about the family about the funeral clothing code of the ceremony.

What to wear at the funeral – men's and women's funeral clothing

The funeral etiquette traditionally dictates that men wear a black or dark suit, a plain white shirt and a delicate tie for the funeral. To date, however, all kinds of versions are acceptable, acceptable funeral clothing from the traditional suit to the dark turtleneck, or even under smart t-shirts under the coats.

The assortment guidelines have also changed for women when they have to decide what to wear at the funeral. No longer a black suit. Even a black or dark cocktail dress is not necessarily wrong, especially at a summer funeral. The hats are still nicely finished, despite the fact that it should be avoided in all respects for women's clothes, unless it has a very good reason.

The most important thing is that he is only there

. If reasonable efforts make the right respect and the desires of the deceased, there is strong reason to say that presence is more important than being dressed for nine; and follow the funeral letters to be worn at a funeral & # 39; compulsory wear.

And if the deceased or his family asked to mourn, especially at the funeral, he was free to wish. Maybe everyone wants to be in vivid colors, not wanting anyone to be black or something more unusual. In one case, a young lady with a Goth interest specifically asked for a black and purple funeral dress. An online forum even reported a Star Trek thematic funeral …

You can pre-fix your funeral clothing preferences

Designing your own funeral systems is the perfect way to control how you want to dress mourners. Maybe you feel that things are clear and clear, or maybe you want men to wear bright ties and women wear a striped cap.

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