What to wear when riding stunt scooters

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If you are on a stunt jumper's scooter, you need to make sure that you wear a suit that provides a comfortable ride, protects against loopholes and scrapers, garments that look good and do not have a couple of seats. Good stunted clothing products can be found on the big street with a small amount of skating apparel stores, though online you will find the best selection of all top brand brands including Vans, DC, Enjoi and Volcom.

Here are some tips and advice on what to wear when running a stunt jumper to ensure good appearance, protection and comfortable travel:

Shoes – Choosing the right shoe for stunt diving scooters is extremely important to ensure that, to do tricks as best as possible. You will need strong, strong toe shoes that are durable and comfortable to make scooter masks without risking yourself. We do not recommend wearing sweaters, sandals or plimsols, as they are too slippery or weak. Comfortable coaches (though not high peaks because they abuse your ankle when riding) and shoes, some great choices are DC Net, Nike SB Cost of the Adidas Campus.

Shorts – if you are not wearing jeans or if the weather is too hot to start a bike game, shorts can be the only option. We would recommend denim shorts, similar to jeans, which provide some protection and durability when bailing, but other thick trousers. Some top stunt shorts include No Fear and Enjoi.

Sweaters are great for skating when they get the skating look, they are comfortable and provide some protection when it falls. Loose and non-pull sweaters are generally better for riders to provide greater freedom for sniper rifles, with some great looking skaters, including Vans and DC, in summer – they find it too hot in summer to wear anything but T-shirts if there are drawings, skate brands are great for drawing fans and impressing their friends like Volcom and Enjoi.

Jeans – If not too warm jeans are a great choice for the lower half dresses while riding the stunt dumbbells for thick and durable materials that will protect you from doing tricks. Slim jeans are fond of riders, though they may be too narrow, so great jeans can be great. Some great, slim and loose jeans that you try when stunt scooters come from the Nike Air and Vans engines

Safety Equipment – last but not least you do not want to forget about safety gear for scooters such as hard helmet, tibia and elbows. You always have to wear them to be safe when you are doing extreme tricks.

Beware of how you feel about riding, but also try to choose the outfit that protects against inevitable falls.

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