What to wear with a jeans shorts?

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It is well known that denim shorts are actually an indispensable element in every summer's summer cabinet. Although common, you can still create attractive styles. Different behavior and extraordinary test for fashion lovers. Girls, if they are well acquainted with the following dress codes, friends will be the admirers of fashion tastes.

first Denim trousers and white shirt:

It's a classic thing when the jeans meet with white shirts. They are immortal partners since the appearance. If you're concerned that the combination is bad, maybe because you have not jumped out of the stereotype. In fact this is still a strong fashion trend! Avoid being tedious by adding some fancy accessories to your appearance. Such as a wide-brimmed hat, a waistband or a pair of lacy sandals. During your holiday you can create a pleasant and casual street style. If you're looking for a thick cut, white shirts can not be serious or even dirty. In addition, you can pay less attention to fitting size, the released buttons, the folds on the shirt, or even the black bra for you.

2nd Denim shorts and naked colorful casual tops.

When combining denim shorts with a naked top, they create a queen of retro queen. Mid-length sleeves are recommended as this length will be more feminine and more elegant. Woven weaving of the same color allows your style to be full and orderly. If you want fun and layered sense of appearance, striped shirts are the perfect choice. White jeans shorts are compatible and awesome with any color and any pattern. You do not have to worry that peaks may be too colorful! T-shirts of leaf patterns can be so stylish. If leaf patterns combine with big socks and baseball caps, vitality is fully strengthened!

3rd Denim shorts and sexy V-neck upper body

V-neck design has many benefits. V-neck black lace top can wear a pair of tight jeans shorts that show a wild and sexy life! Never think that the sexy V-neck top is just for girls with shiny shapes. Slim girls can dress this style with a nice touch. They are like the fantastic tastes of supermodels when they go for such plans. Black laces made from light-colored sun rays, however, seemed to be the top-quality customization, which is great for showing fresh and enthusiastic features. Worth to try!

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