What was the visit to the Philippines while in a naval warship and a harbor?

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I was happy when I finally learned that I'm going to meet my ships, going to the Philippines. I started off from San Diego to Manila and took a van to the country about 200 miles where the boat was tied. About six other boys and I went to the Philippines on an air force cargo plane that went like that.

They are completely loaded with cold goods, on the way to the Philippines, who knows what. We're just passengers. The seats we were sitting in were temporary net seats and they felt like they did. They were sitting in the back of the net and looking backwards, in the way that they were sitting on a regular basis. On the plane we boarded, looked back and forced to push forward instead of turning back to his chair. The machine had to be kept cold and looked like a London mist inside the machine, just like in a fridge. It was a very long 17-hour flight.

I was 19 when I came to the Philippines. It was far from being one of the most popular countries where a staff member goes. If you just want to have fun in the bars and have a good time with a lot of sexy Asian girls, you'll love it.

In the Navy, most guys who were not famous places like Thailand, or the Philippines, Korea or Hong Kong, always want to know if they were true about the other ships. One can not really explain another country to someone, but sometimes they have to experience themselves.

Where the ship is tied, it was about half a mile from the main gate, which was right next to the beach, the central city of Olongapo. When you were on the ground, it was big. The base had a laundry carpet, it was able to do its own dishwashing, and the soda-painted machines released the bristles until the laundry was done.

The fund had a small casino with slot machines. He could rent horses, and there was a beautiful golf course, wild apes that would stand between the trees, and they would have rushed to them when they approached them.

In the Philippines, clothing and services were very cheap and light. All the laundries may have been cleaned, pressed, and packaged, just a few dollars. So it was in the city too. Your money is far away. The clothes were all over the door markets, and lots of garments were sold, the dirt cheap. You can be the coolest guy on the boat and you still get a girl. No, if you can get a girl, but which one you want for the night.

Exactly when he comes out of the main gate, there's a small bridge and a river. Every guy called this "shit river". Raw wastewater may have been in the river. But it never left the four or five boats usually sitting in it, dressed in white dresses with young girls and cups and begging for money to be thrown away. People throw the pesos into the ship, which is about 100 meters from the main gate of the base, and the entrance to the city is just a few steps away.

There were a lot of bars in the city, different subjects were introduced. There were small gift shops or sorry for the compliment they called them, and various bars and restaurants, just like everywhere. The funny thing about the city was that the girls were everywhere and was easy to get but pornography was not seen in the city and it was illegal.

There was a bar that most guys in the office will hang out on a regular basis. Usually we hang out every day on weekends or on a daily work day, because that was our meeting room. The girls did not try to relieve them with them, if they wanted to, and the drinks were cheap. Their name was written to their bar window, like a bunch of bars, and separate classes that were hanging there and claimed that the bar was their own. Our department was pretty much hanging in the Cindi Bar, right in the first part of town, just a corner to the right and easy to reach.

Some tracks were not as large as the outside. But you might be huge inside when you came in. In most bars there are bands, works, and other things to get more customers. There was a swinging night at night. At that time, there were not such things as AID or any other deaths that can kill today. Each night she was a metropolitan party and was free for everyone, a young sexy woman and a lot of cheap drinks.

Most of our administration offices work all the time and we always have drinks at the same bar. Some of the bigger, better bars, which had sexiest daughters and where the drinks spent a little bit more, were there when we went out later to pick the girls we wanted for the night but not the time. Let's go there and look for the most beautiful girls we can find.

In the Philippines, it is very easy for regular Joe to try two girls simultaneously, multiple times, and even three girls at a time, just to say that they've done it and see what it is like. You're the United States or the luckiest guy. Overseas, whatever you wanted.

Once upon a time there was a divisional party and I gathered it. We decided that our department and the department of supply together with the party. My job was to get the drinks and keep the bar in the city. I was holding a two-tiered bar with a beautiful balcony overlooking the street. We had a man who roasted pigs and all other types of food. There is a fund for the parties in the Navy. So I collected more money from the people on the list, then I asked the Navy to give us money, our party, so it could be even better. I got the money up and there was a party in our hands with everything.

This was the party, but it did not matter whether you were alone or an officer. If you were a party, you usually had some sexy Asian beauty with you. It was just a constant rule that everyone in the city was a free man, and most married boys were in bars and girls, and that's right.

This party would be in jail, but as long as you have a great time. On board the ship, with the help of a Philippine boss, he got the fun to revive the party. Fun was a man's action that made anyone who wanted to throw the dart into his back. Another act was the one who would allow him to put a rope on his neck and it was as hard as he wanted and could not hurt him.

What's been a lot of work in our daughters, we did things like banana clinging to their vagina and they were sitting on their faces who'd ever wanted bananas. Other guys went to bed and made money on their mouths, and the girls came and picked up their vagina. It was a regular party that began to be wild. Later that evening he was arrested and taken back to the ship, drunk and disorderly, and enjoyed it in good time. [1] One of my greatest lessons learned in the Philippines is the embarrassment of language. It was Benny Boy. I was able to spend the Philippines in all nine months, and I took it three times in my pocket.

It was put together in a group of small children at one time. They all came to me, then they started to slip with my fingers. Well, I tried to betray everything, and after they left, I realized I was just pocketed and lost the money from my first sweatshirt, and I did. After that, I never put all the money in the same place, I always broke it, only when I hit it, I did not lose everything.

Another time I was on the road, and this sexy lady was in a dark door, suddenly she found out where she was and asked me to come. When I came over to see what she wanted, she was very close to me and started to squeeze my penis. I thought he should be dirty when he stepped out of the darkness and went away and walked back. Later I found out that he was using one of his hands quickly and the other in my pocket and within 4 seconds.

For the third time, I lost my watch. I sat at a table drinking a drink during the day. I sat outside a bar outside a table. She sits down, and after talking to her for a while, she asks my watch and if she can wear it. Later he says he has to go to the bathroom and never return. I asked a girl who worked in the bar where she went and sat with me. Somehow she told me she was Benny Boy. I thought her name was Benny Boy. Well, I asked the next girl who passed over to me when she saw Benny Boy. He just looked at me and said, "No," with a strange face.

I went out to find this girl who just got off my watch and was just a cheap watch. I've never been an expensive wristwatch. But I still wanted to hold back my watch. I walked up and down the street and asked people, "Do you know where Benny Boy is?" A girl I asked said, "Why do you want Benny Boy when you can get her?" I was wondering why she said that.

I've been asking people all the time and they give me strange or bad views. I saw a coastal patrol come forward and when I got there, I asked the guys whether they knew about Benny Boy. I told them that she was just holding my watch around the corner. These guys were just looking at each other, and I did not know it was still new in the Philippines. One of them asked, "Do you know what Benny Boy means?" She told me that "Benny Boy, the name of the member is ladyboy, shemale, or man in a woman's dress." I was embarrassed. Not from these guys, but from the other girls I asked, thinking that Benny Boy was probably one of their friends, and now they all thought I was looking for Benny Boy. Now it's funny.

In the mornings most of its base was bustling and bustling. The taxis occupied and the ship occupied all those who came back to work in the morning. Even the ship is overseas, and half of the guys are unique and half of the guys are married, most of all the ones who can, usually stay in the city.

Most of us find the girl where they have a place or even cheap hotel rooms for the night, almost everywhere. Most bars work, called, though, well. You pay the bar to get her out of the bar for the rest of the evening. You and your daughter need to figure out what you're going to do for the night.

Most girls just want to get away from where they're working and go to another bar and hang out with their friends and bring it with you. After all, you usually have your money. If she ever wants to make money, she usually tells her she is in front of her and can decide for herself. Other girls, never ask you something, sometimes, and they're the ones who spend time.

Most bars are at a great price at the bar. Bigger bars, model-type dancers and bar girls, the highest prices. I think these are the places where the boat will come in and stay for a few days, so the guys will shine and get the most out of it.

In most bars, girls wear bikini clothes. Needless to say, you can easily see what you are buying. In the morning, since the medical department was in the department, the armchair was occupied every morning and released the VD recordings. For a few days, a row of guys in the queue had 30 or 40 guys deep.

Practice in the Philippines was the introduction of the military IDs of peoples, so they could not go to the city and disperse anything if they had a VD. The medical department had flooded it all the time. The girls were regularly checked by doctors working in big bars and the Navy had people who checked them to make sure girls see doctors

. There are 15,000 fighters in the harbor, and there are still 3 or 4 girls, every service guy and every hot and sexy bikini. This was a 19-year-old playground.

It seems that the ship always has many parties and starts cooking. One of the favorite places we went to was the island of Grande Island. It was only on the beach, and maybe only 1 mile to the Bonka boat. These little bonka boats had large wooden beams, which kept them and kept them on the floor. They are taken to the island, usually in the middle of the night. The island had many cabins to stay there in the night. It was the party of the Navy. All of us have to drink fried pork and just feel good on the island.

Most of the guys still wanted to be in the city where nightlife is going on. If a ship will only be in town for a few days. Some guys would pay hundreds of dollars to grab their watch or take over or replace the day with them, just to be able to go to town every day in the harbor.

Even before most ships would get into the port while taking care of the secret mail traffic and knowing when a certain ship will be in port before most people. But in many cities the bars have already painted new windows on their windows, welcoming all the boats that come to the harbor. They always knew the timing of ships, better than we did.

I've been in the Philippines all the time, never felt safe, walked on the alleys, or just hanging. I've never been worried about being robbed, attacked, or something I thought I might actually happen when I was in places like Pakistan or somewhere else. The Filipino people are really very friendly and speak English, and are just a really fun place.

One person was really able to go for $ 20 for the night. That would be $ 10 for the delicacy of the bar, which might be something high, as the price of the car was about $ 50 for $ 1. Some even fines, maybe only about 300 pesos, which is less than $ 10. You can get the night-time hotel room anywhere, for about $ 7 a night. And for $ 3 you can get a handful of beer and some tacos to eat, the last $ 3. So for $ 20 to eat, drink, get a girl and get a room for $ 20. You could spend more and go better and some guys could spend a lot less.

One night in the Philippines, many of us from the office went out of their way. That night, an LTJG, our Austrian officer, decided to go with us. Every guy felt comfortable because his name rhymed, but nobody called that name in his face. He was the kind of officer that if you wrote something you would come from behind and put his hand on his shoulders and just look at what you are doing and try to give a massage like you did a good job or something.

Nobody told him to stop because he was a nice guy and he was our division officer. We went out this evening, there was a new rogue who was not on board or working in the office for a long time, and he was the youngest guy in the office and the lowest ranking. He went with me the same evening.

It's another night, and I'm finally locked up at the end of the night. We were in a bar that was a mechanical bull. We all drank and we were greeted who could be the longest bull. I remember riding the bull that night because I felt very good, but my feet would hurt two days later because I was so tight, sweating I never knew I had a leg.

Well, I do not know how things turned out, but before you know this, it would become a new coward, separated from his shirt and sitting in the office of the division. Here we are, surrounded by some of the world's most beautiful daughters, and it seems these guys do this. Well, it turned out, the police officer had to drink a lot and took the tee out of the patrol and pulled it in his lap. When other guys saw them, they were hurt and a fight broke out.

We were all on the street in front of the bar and we took a lot of us because they were drunk and cluttered. Our shared officer was one of those who were taken and locked. I heard the splitter officer in another cell blown up. I heard you say, the rogue whose shirt was removed, do not say anything, just say nothing.

As soon as it turns out, our Austrian officer was immediately transferred from the ship and we all thought we should be kicked out of the Navy. One guy caught him about a year later and said he was on a different ship and now LT. So he got a new service station and came up, and I guess he swept it under the carpet.

The main strips of the city, where the main bars were the most beautiful daughters, the bigger dance floor and the better orchestras. The left or right paths were full of smaller rods and there were at least 100 different rods in only 2 miles radius.

There was a bar where girls are oil wrestling, wet t-shirt bars, and one of my favorite bars and many other favorite places, I'm sure the so-called "Begger's Banquet". It was full of girls and the screw was a bit different. This was the place where a girl would bring something to the stage and people would throw boxes on the stage and do different things, different objects, and beg for people to throw money on the stage. The more money that was thrown out, the more bizarre it would have been

. Some of these girls were wonderful about how they could break themselves or give themselves their own education. Some things to put into your vagina were amazing, at least the least. And that was just a bar on the different types of bars on the tape and on the side.

On one of my travels, a friend started another city, about 10 miles away. The city we went to was famous for playing the "smile" game. This is when a lot of people are sitting around the table, and one of them is under the table. Whenever someone smiles, he has to drink. You can only imagine what the girl is doing under the table who smiled.

Most people in the Philippines are traveling or a three-wheel motorcycle or a trike, horning horns all over the clock, just like a big city. We headed to the other town when we saw a tiny circus on the edge of the road and turned sideways. We told the jeepney driver to leave us. We were paid to enter and it was a strange circus. There were half a man, half a woman, very small.

There was a man who had to be at least eight feet high, only a pair of teardrops short, so it was not a trick and he did not look at us. He must have lived in this cage for a long time and saw a lot of deformed people. It was one of the weirdest circus ever seen.

One day I was walking on the main street of the Philippines, called Magsaysay Avenue, and I heard a guy shouting, Brandon. Well, that was the name of my high school where I went. I looked and was a guy I went to school with, he was also in the Philippines. I talked to him and joined the Navy. They were stationed on a ship and imported into the Philippines as well.

The bar that we usually hang out and playing with a pool, just hanging around us, was called the Cindi Bar. The majority of girls were teenagers or early twenties. There was a girl or woman in her thirties. She was the experienced girl. He was in San Diego already and he knew all the places there. They always told us not to send an overseas girl back to the United States.

O.K. to find one in the States, they are there, but if you find overseas, do not bring them back. You will marry and then discard when you get your records to live in the United States, they told us. There was always the spooky guy who wanted to marry a girl he met there and only knew it for a few days. The Navy has always tried to prevent anyone from marrying as the papers had to be thrown into her office and had to marry her.

This girl who was older was her own home and invited us all over the weekend to make spaghetti for us all. She would have some of the girls in the house. At one time, I think we were all alone with Maria alone, who was the eldest daughter of them who owned the house, which was in San Diego.

Almost every guy in the office had a short-aged friend as they wanted to call. One boy did not see mine, we were all well with her and we all liked it. For one of these occasions I was on vacation for a few days. They decide to leave the ship for a few days and stay in Maria's house. Well, while I was on vacation, something happened to the base civilians, and the fund decided to call all the soldiers back and forth to leave the city for any further leave.

They feared, civilians could start screaming in a controversial debate that was underway. Whatever you give, it seemed that more civilians were working on base than military personnel. In the Philippines. There were many Filipino citizens who worked on the base, and they all seemed to bicycle and work. When the job had been released, it would only be a traffic jam and everywhere the sea of ​​cyclists.

The city was abandoned, except girls everywhere, and some civilians working in the Navy to follow the military rules. I knew that everyone had to come back to the base, but until someone officially announced it. I enjoyed being around the city myself. I was able to walk in a bar and there would be no boys, but the girls were still there. It was like Hugh Hefner or something. Finally, the Coast Guard saw and said I had to go back to the base and report. A few days later, everything was fine and the city's giant Mardi Gras reiterated.

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