Who is Lotte? Discover the nature of the mystery in the phantom of the opera

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In the movie version of the Phantom of the Opera House, one of the inexplicable details of Christine, who admits to his girlfriend Meg that when she and Raoul were children, nicknamed Little Lotte. Lotte had a common nickname for Charlotte, not Christine. It seems that conversation has simply been explained to the audience why they are singing about Little Lotte.

So why is Andrew Lloyd Webber having a little duet from Little Lotte in his music? Simple. Gaston Leroux is in his original story.

We are now at the center of the question. In the 1980s, when Phantom first debuted, no one knew who Little Lotte was. The unusual reference in the lyrics did not make sense to most theater performers. But at the time Leroux wrote the book, the readers knew exactly what he was up to.

Little Lotte is a salon game like the twenty questions where a man knows the answer and others are trying to figure it out. But in this case, the person lists three items and the others have to find out which of the three little lotteries they prefer. The secret is mentioned as the name of the game – Little Lotte likes double consonants.

So now the texts are there: Little Lotte thought they were babies, goblins, or shoes?

The right answer should be babies because of the double L. Because both know the answer, they do not deal with the answer, they just pose the next set. Or puzzles or frocks? Or chocolate? Again, Lotte likes to like puzzles because double D.

You can see why the game has fallen fast. If you know the secret, there is no challenge. Therefore, modern theater performers had to explain to who Lotte was.

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