Why are so many women starting to wear their shoes?

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There is a secret tendency to occur in women whose feet are larger or wider than normal. They count on wearing men's shoes. Why would a woman want to do such things? It is usually because shoe manufacturers do not concentrate enough to make the shoe widely available to individuals with feet that are more than normal. The expectation is that people in such a category need to pay extra money to get their own shoes. Such things can cost hundreds of dollars. Many women can not afford to pay for shoes, so it's worth buying only men's shoes. They feel a bit confused, and certainly no one looks at trying shoes, but such an alternative is far better than their oversized individual footwear.

If you find that we are women of this type, first consider what you can buy in women's footwear just because it fits better with the style you are looking for. If you get men's shoes, you can be limited to purchasing things that are neutral. You can try to get special footwear by looking at what's available on the Internet as there are a number of online shoe stores that deal with individuals who require special size shoes. And these are not custom shoes. They are normal, narrower or wider than usual. In fact, you still have wide-width & # 39; shoes are available in some shoe stores, although they are usually not stockpiled as traditional.

If the opportunity to get better women's shoes still does not work, make sure the male version is of the right size. Your feet can be measured professionally in a shoe store to determine the size required. And you do not have to think that you have to get something much bigger. In fact, it sounds ironic, in fact, women's shoes in the United States are bigger, at least numerical. They are usually of the same size as men's shoes and are added 1.5. For example, a male 10.5 shoe would be 12 women's size. So keep in mind when considering men's shoes.

Now if you have never bought men's shoes before, you can get strange views when you try them. If you are in such a situation, ignore the person or explain that he has a unique foot size that requires you to get more shoes. And although women's shoes are bigger than men, this is only for numerical values. The size of men's shoes will be larger. Man is still laughing at you, but if you do that, your ignorance. You can not be concerned about what society thinks. Incidentally, if shoe manufacturers are better able to understand the needs of people with bigger or wider legs, then a woman should not be able to get to the shoes of men first.

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