Why did a bone appear on my back, how can I prevent or get rid of it?

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Generally, when I see this, it is related to the forward head position. The headache progresses for many reasons. Cervical tenderness or acute injury may be caused by the backbone and can never be remedied, or it may be repeated movement or recurrent posture.

Especially when computers, laptops, and mobile devices appear, you see a lot of people busy spending a lot of time down and ahead. This is the situation I'm referring to.

Moving in the direction of the head is the situation that the cervical spine often loses the curvature. The upper back follows and starts out. This often creates what is called an increased zygotic. There is a Khypoticus curve on your back or chest back, also known as the upper and middle back. At the neck and back, the curvature extends towards the back and is called a lordosis.

The emphasis on one of these curves is called hyperdrive, and the smoothing or loss of one curve is called Hypolordosis. One more thing to note is that in some cases the head progression and the upper back fever can see some cervical khyphosis. This is when the normal C curve on the neck, the cervical lordosis, is actually curved in the wrong direction. And do not forget that any deviations, either millimeters, are sufficient to prevent the flow of nerves from 50% of the normal value.

Cervical khyphosis has abnormally high levels of stress on the spine and spinal cord, nerves, neck and upper muscles. Imagine wearing a loose rubber band, pulling and stretching, this is the same as what you would do with the spinal cord. But this is another theme of ezine.

Let's go back to the top. In some cases, excessive chronic backache and chest backbone are seen. This is often associated with severe degeneration and osteoporosis. Sometimes we will see the fractures of the vertebrae, enabling this extreme change in alignment. This is called Dowager's Hump.

What has always happened, I see the top disadvantage more often than I like. I see it in a patient, and often have a neck or back pain in the office, but not always. Sometimes I see in relatives, people in the store, let's just look around.

Keep in mind that if your posture is so looking, it looks like this inside the spine, and it usually gets worse. Use posture exercises to prevent and get rid of this puddle. Also, always pay attention to your posture; this can be a huge difference, as you can correct it when you are in a position or often find your head. Finally, a large posture correction device is a neck cushion. Not only does it prevent this bad position, but in other cases it will keep the nerves out of the pressure.

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