Why does chocolate make me?

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Have you ever noticed that chocolate is being sold in the women's clothing department stores? I wonder why? This is because women cut chocolate. And that's a good thing!

Doctors have made many studies of the relationship between chocolate and increased sex drive in women. These studies show that women who consume some chocolate every day have a higher sexual orientation than they do not. It was also found that women not only have stronger sex drives because of the daily intake of chocolate, but also had better sexual function. Chocolate also helps to compensate for mood changes during menstruation

Due to the properties of chocolate, chocolate improves sexual function and increases sexual leadership. A serotonin-containing chemical that calms the mind and is produced by the brain, chocolate is like a mild sedative. Caffeine is present in chocolate in very small amounts, and caffeine helps to increase serotonin. Chemical serotonin often has the same effects as marijuana. In reality, however, about 25 kilos of chocolate should be consumed to achieve the same effect as marijuana. The sweet, creamy taste of chocolate is calming and sexual on the tongue and taste buds. Why didn't she lick her licking her body or see what happened to the chocolate whipped cream? It's not just the upcoming Valentine's Day, but every day. Only a small amount will be happier and healthier every day.

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