Winter fashion tips for the winding girl

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Winter is not only layered with pink sweaters and a cute matching pip, especially when they are due to these wonderful curves. Bodysuits, cut t-shirts, curly dresses or carved jeans; winter fashion for winding girls can be as hot and happening. To find the right women's skirts, you need a new winter fashion design for this big thick girl

Check out these wonderful winter fashion tips that can rightly wear the curves this season.

Boxy Poncho or Open Cardigan?

Both have their own appeal. While the boxed sweater cushions the level of falling mercury, it certainly does not warm the environment. Do not let your hourglass body lose its value. Go to the open cardigan and show your beautiful curves.


The belted jackets perfectly define the curve and give you a beautiful silhouette. The good thing is that it spells the curves great, regardless of the number of layers around it.

Pantyhose on one stretch

Grab a pair of stockings with lots of elastic material. It is more flexible than the normal projection and the body closer to fit. If there is more space between the stocking and the body as it usually happens in the chest, it will have a greater inconvenience. Stretchable stockings are both stylish and comfortable.

High-waist skirt jeans

You can create a couple of high waist pants jeans in many styles. Cast in a pair of boots or wear a tunic top to make them more casual and relaxed. The high waist leaves its effect by the mute silhouette of his waist.

You can cover your sweater so that your waist is not lost. You can also bring back the street style that stars generally swear. Slowly put on the thin pants a little at the beginning and their waist looks super cool.

Check contrast with thick colors or prints

If you like humongous curves, especially around your arm, chest or loot, bold or print. This gives you a flawless look, with more emphasis on the curves.

Boots with backrest

Select a boot from the back. This will smoothly receive all the text without causing discomfort around the calf area. Knee-high shoes with two sweater jeans and a matching leather leather purse are more attractive, lighter and more comfortable.

So do not be astonished at fashion this winter. Follow these tips and proudly display the stunning curves throughout the season.

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