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Winter is here … the days are shorter, the weather is cold and wet, and kids are bored inside, so it's time to have fun! This fun list you can do in the winter, the Aussie Mothers and the kids who like to play together, stay active and have fun …

Build a kid house indoors to be big enough to fit into a friend or two, and a picnic lunch inside.

Carpet hanged in coats and woolly hats pull the gumboots and go out and jump into the puddles.

Visit the local library and read the books to read together, some libraries tell you free activities or stories.

Have a movie day, put the pillows on the couch, and pop up under some blankets and watch your favorite movies.

Take the ball into the park; you can kick a soccer or soccer ball or practice your drum rings.

Taste some delicious flavors, followed by a special afternoon tea, hot chocolate and homemade tea.

Make your favorite music and dance around the house, the kids will love it, and the good workout.

Make a large dish of the soup, let the children stroke the vegetables, measure and add the ingredients, mix and then dine.

Play dress-up games or pretend to be a couple of winter clothes.

Make a jigsaw puzzle or game competition, winter days are great for a long Monopoly game.

Capture some strong shoes in your hottest clothes, grab the umbrella and walk for a long walk.

Take a trip to the local museum or art gallery and see all the interesting exhibitions.

Try skating, roller skating or ten pin bowling – all great activities on wet winter days.

Be a craft afternoon, make snowflakes and hang around the house, or do some coloring.

Go to the movies and check out the latest kids' feature or a really funny comedy that is suitable for all ages, don't forget popcorn.

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