Wire outputs and switches using Romex

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There is a 12 "room above the floor, if you want, the switches will generally be 48 degrees from the floor, but this may also change if necessary. 19659002] Buy 4 "Romex Exhaust Cases with Romper Clamps." Purchase a "Romex Octagon-shaped Light Box" with romeo-clamps. The romex box contains simple clips or clamps that clamp the Romex cord in the box. -2 or 12-2 WG Romex wires or cables come in either 50 ft, 100ft or even 250ft rolls Consider the double boost you originally thought you might need It would suggest that you start your 250 feet

One side of the ROM box must be discarded to slide into the box.

Use a ribbon to mark each row at the beginning of the line along the wall where You must outflows recorded. Check the pins where you go to switch.

Use the 16d boxed nail and hammer to tighten the box at two angles, located on the side of the box and in the screw. Let the box open the tap to reach the rounded wall, usually 1/2 ".

The light box is made up of 2 x 4 pieces, beams or lattices, so that it is about 1/2" from the beam.

Run a piece of Romex wires from each box to another and let it go around. Drill 5/8 "holes in the center of the pins with a piece of wood to allow the romex to fit and lead a wire from the light switch to the ceiling light box.

Run a last piece of romex wire to the source where this circuit acquires the current source circuit will be the circuit breaker box that may be in the basement or the garage. Run the cable up to the source and run long, so that it does not shake, run this hotline away from the first terminal and not the light switch

Remove the front metal cover on the breaker box, which is usually fixed with 6 screws to bolts when the cover is re-mounted because it has a rounded end and does not puncture the wire inside the box.

Note that the white and copper wires are centered downwards running on one or both sides Black wires carry the circuits on it throughout the house.

Locate the bracket on the name of the circuit breaker inside the front panel. You will need to know this information by purchasing the new circuit breaker.

Normal brands include ITE, GE or Cutler hammer. Each brand will have a different style breaker.

110-120 volt single pole 15 amp 14 line or 20 amplifier 12 lead.

Return to new stores. Install a new 15 amp (or 20 amp) output for the wiring out of the boxes. Remember, 15 amp uses 14/2 wired and 20 amp uses 12/2 wired. To do this simply simply bend black and white insulation to 5/8 ", leave an additional wire and use it as a ground wire and this is attached to the green plugs of the connector and is normally switched on [19659002] Connect the BLACK wire to the output small bolt the wire with the two screws on one side.

Press the output into the metal box, align the two screws, one top and one bottom, both screws in the same way as the two screws same for all new outputs.) When you reach the light switch, secure the black wire to the lower screw and the white wire to the upper screw Connect the ground wire to the only remaining screw

Install the output disc on the new outputs including the switch [19659002] Install the black wire to the new circuit breaker and connect it to the white ground wires to the correct screws and turn on the new circuit breaker, be careful not to touch anything with your fingers.

Install the light fixture, add a bulb and turn on the appliance


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