Women can wear men's shoes?

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As the current trend is that many unisex clothing styles that we wear our feet will surely question. So can a woman wear men's shoes, or is not something that happens? In this article I deal with the question.

I think the first thing I have to say, YES, women can wear men's shoes. But not in every situation.

There are many things to go to trust. The truth is, if you have confidence, then literally you can draw many fashion statements that would not work in most people.

Take for example the main fashion presentations. Tell us that 80% of the models on runways do not seem ridiculous – but do you know what? They operate.

Women's men's shoes are not necessarily of such size, but since men's targeted shoes are predominantly unisexual, there is no problem with women wearing them.

The point, however, is just to ensure that you meet your belongings. You know, if you match your clothes and shoes properly, then shoes, whether male or female, do not matter – and most people will not say the difference.

So if you've found a pair of men's shoes, or you think you're blowing up your partner shoes, the most important part of the wardrobe is trust, and as long as you remember that it's coming in, you have to be okay.

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