Women's Golf Apparel – What Do I Need To Get Started?

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Ok, so your husband has encouraged you to start golfing. Now what? Well, of course having the appropriate golf apparel for women is of utmost importance. Forget the clubs, time to go shopping. Golf clothing for women can be expensive, but for some of you, you are saying bring it on, I want to look good swinging those clubs. In this article, we will cover the brands you should be looking for as well as what type of golf clothing you will need to get started.

What brands should I be looking for? and apparel are Ping, Nike, Adidas, and Ashworth. You can not lose sticking with the tried and true. These brands carry a wide selection from sporty to fashion conscious. The good news about golf apparel is that the fashion trends have only changed slightly meaning that your wardrobe will last you some time.

What clothes do I need to get started?

If you are just starting out, you will need the following:

· 1 pairs of socks

· 2 pairs of socks

· 2 shirts

· 1 pair of pants

· 1 pair of shorts

· 1 golf jacket on where you live)

· 1 golf hat or visor

You do not have to go for the most expensive clothes on the rack, but you will want something that will last. Most of the materials used are very durable, if taken care of will last a long time. You will want to make sure that if you live in a wet or windy region, you'll get a wind breaker to keep you dry if the rain decides to surprise you in the middle of your golf round.

How much should I expect? pay?

Depending on the golf clothing brand you select, you can expect to pay about $ 50-75 for a good quality shirt. Most golf shoes will range between $ 60- $ 100.

When you get into pants and shorts, you can expect to pay between $ 50- $ 100, again depending on the brand. Make sure you do not get sucked into buying clothes at the golf course. You will pay significantly more than shopping in a local golf store, or online. Many of the online stores are very competitive in price. We have seen great prices on eBay as well if you take your time.

If you need more size golf apparel, there are some great websites now that specialize in women's golf apparel for you. If you search "plus size golf clothing" you will find many options available.

Ok, so now you're ready to get started. You have a new wardrobe, now what. Well hopefully you have golf clubs, if you do not always rent clubs for the first few times to see what clubs feel the best for you. Make sure that you go to a local pro shop or golf store so you can swing several clubs. Many times women get clubs that are too heavy for them.

Happy Golfing!

Happy golfing!

Happy golfing!

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