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Nowadays there is a million options when it comes to shoes. Shoe stores are packed with countless boxes that contain a female shoe style that can be very different. It helps if you have a general idea of ​​what you want before you start shopping. From high heels to coaches and sandals, today's women's choice is unlimited. But if you are looking for fashionable and comfortable casual footwear, you can choose from many good alternatives.

Ballet Pumps

Ballet Pumps are designed after traditional ballet shoes. While ballet dancing is dancing, the streets are slightly different. While ballet slippers require thin sole soles, for flexible elasticity, those who are dressed for casual wear are usually thicker. They are much stiffer than their traditional counterparts.

The available color range is much wider than anything you find for ballet shoes. It consists of any black, blue, red, green and naked shades. This makes ballet pumps an especially female, yet trendy, shoe as well as any occasional event. Increased, go from skin and canvas. The skin is especially known for wearing longer shoes in the world of women's footwear.


Women's shoes are an obvious choice. As for closed footwear styles, it fits very little to the shoe. They are comfortable and functional, so it's not really surprising. From Nike and Adidas' major brands to lesser-known variants such as Sole Rebels, shoes are casual shoes forcing comfort beyond anything else.

Mary Jane shoes

Mary Jane shoes are one of the footwear arenas. They are a niche style, but they are very comfortable to wear today. The XX. They were modeled after the cartoon character from the beginning of the century and have remained to the forefront of the most important fashion trends. The shoe has a rounded front part and is provided with a buckle or strap that runs all the way through. They are also low-heeled shoes that are likely to appreciate comfort.

Kitten Heels

If you are looking for the inherent beauty of the height, but you do not want to torture your feet to get such a beauty, the kittens are for you. The only difference is the height and style of the heel in the corner of the kitten and high heels. All kitten-heeled shoes are heeled shoes that do not exceed two and a half centimeters in height. This greatly contributes to the comfort of these shoes. But the comfort offered at the corner of the kitten can not be compared to shoes or ballet pumps. If style is of primary importance to you, your knee-high shoes are a good compromise.

There are many different types of women's sandals on the market. Some people are sarcastic while others are true of designing traditional sandals. The base sandals are an open shoe, a single strap with toes secures the foot to the bottom. Many designers, however, have changed the essence of sandals freely. But if you look at the baseband for strictly casual clothing, they are the most comfortable on the market. The look is secondary to the sandals, while comfort is paramount.

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