Women's T-Shirt Clothes and the Dead Wrong way to wear them

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I mentioned the ten best T-insults I personally observed; and honestly hurt myself in the past. We are all guilty of breaking up some fashion rules from time to time, so if you think you are alone, then you do not. Sometimes we simply do not know anything and pray sometimes that we do not see anyone we know and send a crazy hyphen to our destination just to see the person we do not want to see. Or you can see someone we want to know, but now we can not get another look because we have a Hot Mess Look Like You!


1. Under no circumstances, do not allow excessive drift in the spider web. If we have loving handles, we only buy T-shirts that cover them completely. When I personally drifted into this area I wear good attire and it helps to hide my swelling.

2nd Never let the excessive Tremors run out of peak time. The same advice as the solution above. I also suck my belly all day every day. I can do six things up to now, but it really does work to actually overthrow the stomach.

3rd Make sure the fingers of the shirt do not sharpen your life from your arm. If the subject is too small, pass it on. Just let go.

4th The ladies, just like too little does not work, or sexy does not wear oversized T-shirts in the public. Tired fingers and necklaces do not work for us. Now stay calm in your private life in your man, but just keep it between the two.

5th The color and pattern bras are nice, but not if they are visible on the white t-shirt. This is simply not cute.

6th For those who tie the shirt, the first knot tie is over. He might come back, but he's gone now. I've seen people who can still get away when they're tied to the back, as long as the T-shirt does not tighten too tight.

7th Spaghetti strap t-shirts are our favorites but the red t-shirt, which shows a green bra strap or any combination of color combinations, should be avoided at all costs.

8th Furthermore, the spaghetti strap deserves the best; Clean the shaving armpits covered with light deodorant.

ninth Runners are free. Steaming is the best, but a iron will work.

10th Last but not least. Everyone loves unique garments, especially the cunning logos. When you wear one, ask yourself, "This statement really represents me, what do I represent, what do I believe?"

I once saw this girl in a baseball game wearing white t-shirts with a big red kiss and big red letters saying "Kiss This" and an arrow pointing in a very bad direction. I almost caught my dog ​​and thought to myself, "DigniTee is missing now!"

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