How do magazines affect today's teens?

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Children grow up too fast on these days from the comfort of anybody. They seem to learn faster, and as long as this is limited, every parent seems to be enjoying their child's quick mindset. But this also means they start entering as teenagers much sooner. Teenagers seem to grow up and change from game to babies to use makeup for almost a night. Sometimes it is quite a shock to parents who have not looked hard enough. Teenagers magazines have a particular impact on teenagers' thinking, and the information provided by the latest pop stars and models seems impressive. Teenagers magazines have changed over time with the growing curiosity of children. Earlier, these magazines talked about the celebrities' favorite color or favorite clothing, but now they publish relationship facts, makeup tips, and hair tips to try out the teenagers themselves.

There is no longer an ethically correct message waiting for the right person to come to do it, but to discuss the "hottest" boy in the city and how to get and hold it. All of these conversations put great pressure on the teen girls to be a "guy" who is "in" and seduces him. This leads to many questions, and more and more teenagers are trying to imitate pop stars and celebrities. They are longing for lean, obscured appearance and diet, and most are anorexic. They are worried about the day of bad hair and want to leave school if they find a tiny little point on their face.

Clothing and accessories store the reason by providing the latest clothing, the size of which is small or extra small. The range of accessories from such attractive and eye-catching ranges is so large that it's impossible to decide what to buy.

However, teen boys had no effect on teen magazines that were satisfied with their participation in sports, bikes, and mixing decks. To date, they are more interested in and attracted to girls, but the corporate world is not overwhelmingly attacking accessories, clothing and makeup.

Even though parents protest over the influence of ten magazines on the irresponsible behavior of teenage children and corporate companies, these protests are denied by companies under the pretext that these magazines are designed for sixteen plus children. In fact, these companies would like to make the most of this trend and try to attract teenagers to more and more consumption and models in order to make more profit and make more money.

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