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Did I illustrate the daffodils from daffodils to daffodils? Does the camera suffer from strap neck? Dream about publishing a celebrity book with the love of Brad and Angelina? Then maybe deep inside, you're a photographer. Or you're a photographer now.

Can You Live Life With Your Craft Activity? Yes. It may have to be a bit creative and open to the different income streams. Think about the arts as a business, and then act. No, handling crafts as an enterprise does not compromise your creative principles. This allows you to eat. If you design it properly, you can create it according to your own rules. However, with a diligent attack method, you can choose the life that captures your favorite recordings.

Here are some ideas for generating income streams:

1. Create a professional website that presents your art. Find a basket system where customers can buy on demand.

2nd Review the Artist at Residence Programs. This is a simple web search. Some programs pay for everything (rooms, meals, meals) with others you base on your account.

3rd Getting to the upscale resorts, hotels, spas to become residents. Works of art can also be displayed in public places and can be purchased by customers. Offers can be delivered to you or shared with the facility.

4th Shoot stock photos and sell places like or (note payment terms).

5th Collaborate with authors, publishers, publishers, online publishers to create works of art / photos for books, book covers, illustrations, brochures, or quality photos for web publishing.

6th Plan your unique product line with work. Photos can be placed on t-shirts, mugs, stamps, posters, notebooks, folders. Check out online, cafe or zazzle.

7th Partner with a writer and design a series of greeting cards.

8th Join forces with a new shop, cafe or restaurant. Put framed photos for sale while the facility has a free quality ambience.

ninth Expand your expertise in pet photography or daytime photography. Offer for children contract photographer services for local daycare. Or advertise in a dog day care, nursing or veterinarian office.

10th If you live in NY or LA – quality head shot photography. As a bonus, you can expand your free retouching, headshot postcards, or tracking shots within six months.

eleventh Designing business cards with photos. Creating a website with ready-made templates. Think about the industry. For example, a beautiful house with only one sold sign for real estate agents in the first court business cards. Or hairdresser hairdresser. For some ideas, check out online.

Being an artist you are, requires by faith in your abilities. Be bold! You have to make a bigger and better way of marketing your work. As these incoming streams are flooded. Before you know, Angelina or Brad will plead for their picture.

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