Renovation of the cabinet with tops to suit your needs

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From peasant blouses to fungi to the top of the crop, women have an exhaustive selection. Whether it is an official occasion or post-work with friends, there is something that suits your needs. Here are the styles that should be built into the cabinet:


Work clothes are folded with integrated and customized shirts. Put on those witches that are not good. Choose peaks with flattering cuts and stripes that highlight the curves without exposing them too much. If you want to make a bold statement, match a silk top with a pencil skirt. If you prefer comfort over the style, a neutral cotton shirt, coupled with the culottes or the part, can feel from Monday to Friday. If you are wondering what to wear on semi-formal occasions, the peplum top is the perfect transition piece. Connect with a pencil skirt or black trousers and all are set to turn over. The peplum trend is not only stylish but flattering as it is the universal shape of femininity. The waist ignites and hides the problem area (read the top of the muffin).

Some unpleasant pieces in the closet: a silk blouse, cotton shirt and peplum top.

Casual Tops

For all the wired moments, choose a tiring tip that shows your envy predators. The synchronous silhouette is not only feminine, but also shaping. Style, a trendy midi skirt or something more structured than a cigarette pants. If you prefer a jeans and t-shirt type, choose the top of the tank and match it with the printed sockets – this will be a good fit from your usual style. If a tank top is a little too deep, a hi-low hemline lower sleeve upper can easily take the coffee. Invest in casual women's tops that you can mix with different pieces.

Some must-have pieces in the closet: a basic white shirt, a strappy camisole and a comfortable V-neck shirt.

Special Occasions Tops

Special occasions always require something extra extras. Although the bandeau peaks do not work for everyone, we can wear it on the sheer top for a heel, peek-a-boo effect. Or, if it's experimental, throw a plish coat on it for a grungy yet cool look. If the pleather and bandeau thoughts dread, the lace top is fun and femme. The skirt can be worn in a number of ways, coupled with jeans or shorts.
Some unpleasant pieces in the closet: top of a lane and lace.

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