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In 1962, Sam Walton, an Arkansas businessman, created the first Wal-Mart store (note the separation in the name of the original store – something that the brand was branded in 2008). Walton has already sold its budget, retail items to Walton's fifth and Dime & # 39; and Walmart was developing and expanding its original business. Five years after the launch, there were 24 Wal-Mart stores in the store with a collective turnover of $ 12 million.

The phenomenal growth of the store continued, and in 2009, the conglomerate reached $ 408 billion in world revenue, with $ 14 billion in operating profit. . The rest of the chain's statistics are impressive. For example, every week there are 200 million customer transactions, and it is estimated that every third American uses Walmart weekly, and stores employ over 2,000,000 people. There are shops in 15 countries with 8,600 retail outlets and 59 different names.

Despite the size of the conglomerate, the Walton family is still in a very significant courtroom.

Walmart offers the following benefits to its staff:

Health and wellness benefits

Disease protection, eyewear and dental insurance. The company also offers life insurance, disability insurance, corporate contributions to drugs and other medicines, health benefits and health savings accounts. If you need moral support, Walmart provides nursing and counseling services, pregnancy support, and advice and support in the fight against nicotine addiction 24 hours a day.

Financial Benefits

Walmart contributes up to 6% of his salary to a pension fund, pays personal days (such as mourning and jury matters), travel and entertainment benefits, stock purchase plans, Sam club club members and a personal discount card that offers a 10% discount.

If you are ambitious and want to reach the summit, or at least in some way, Walmart claims that about three-quarters of the employees, even the current high-ranking staff, are working in the shop. The company also says that it will offer training and encouragement to run from business to boardroom.

The features they are looking for in job seekers include motivation, good communication skills, higher-than-average organizational talent and financial performance. We are also expected to work closely with Walmart's product range. With that in mind, before going to an interview, it would be advisable to browse the Walmart website and read the current promotions and the best-selling lines.

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